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Facilities Management


The Customer Service Team is delighted to have the opportunity to field all of the service calls and work requests for Illinois State faculty, staff, and students.

The links on the left describe the services which Facilities provides. To place a request for services, please call 309-438-5656 or use our iServiceDesk (work request system).

In the event that you can't find what you're looking for, please contact our Customer Service Center at (309) 438-5611.

Determining the Urgency of a Problem

All work requests submitted to the Customer Service Center are assigned a priority number. These numbers indicate to the staff how urgent an item is. The following list outlines this process:

  1. Emergency - An emergency is any situation which threatens the life, health or safety of building occupants and/or may cause serious damage to buildings and their contents. Requires immediate attention and "drop and go" situations.
    Examples: Fires, elevator entrapment, security core changes, broken pipes, overflowing toilets, sinks or drinking fountains, noxious odors, broken windows, ADA accessibility issues, fixtures sparking, door security.
  2. Critical - Items which need attention within 24 hours of a generated work order.
    Examples: Screen replacement, non-emergency plumbing such as a stopped-up sink in an area where other sinks are available, electrical work, broken glass, etc.
  3. Routine - This category includes all work-order generated repairs which do not fall in the EMERGENCY or CRITICAL categories. These repairs are scheduled and may take additional time depending on the craft or crafts, materials needed and other special circumstances.
    Examples: Plastering holes, furniture repair, general maintenance, light bulb or fixture replacement (in areas where there are multiple lights).
  4. Scheduled Maintenance - This includes periodic inspection and repair or replacement of maintenance equipment. These are scheduled events, which take place during the calendar year. Also, project based work, or if the work is specifically requested to be done at another date and time.
    Examples: Water testing, lubricating equipment, filter changing, rotational painting of common areas, emergency generator testing, etc.
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