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Illinois State University Key Policy

This Key Policy is intended to provide operating procedures and policy, please visit University Key Policy for more information.

FAQ's Building Key Services

How do I request a key?

Each department has a Key Coordinator to initiate key requests for faculty, staff, and graduate assistants. Undergraduate students will not be issued keys. Only the Key Coordinator may submit on-line.

Does each key need to be ordered separately?

A separate key requests needs to be submitted for each individual key. If a key requester is ordering 3 copies of the same key for an individual, only one request needs to be submitted.

When do I pick up my key?

When the key is ready, Facilities will notify you via email. Keys may be picked up at the Carter Harris Building, 600 Gregory Street (directly across from University High School tennis courts) between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Only the key holder can sign for their keys and must show a photo ID. Keys will be held for 30 days after the initial request. After 30 days, the request is cancelled and a new request is required.

Will we need an ID when picking up university keys?

Each individual will need to present a valid photo ID before we issue keys. It could be a driver's license, state ID, or University ID.

Can I transfer my key to another person?

Transferring keys is not permitted. Employees shall not loan or transfer keys to anyone. The person to whom the key has been issued shall be held responsible for the use of that key until it has been properly returned to Facilities.

How do I report a lost or stolen key?

Lost or stolen keys must be reported to appropriate supervisors immediately and within 24 hours to Facilities as well as University Police. Replacement of lost/stolen key(s) requires a new key request from the department. Replacement keys will not be issued unless key charges have been settled. See Replacement Cost Chart below.

Type of Key University Rate
Individual Door Key $15.00
X-Key $25.00
Janitor Closet Key $25.00
Student/Apartment Room/Suite Door Key $75.00
Equipment Room Key $25.00
Submaster Key $50.00
Master Key $50.00
Elevator Key $50.00
Sequence Key $50.00
Grandmaster Key $250.00

What do I do if I find a key(s)?

All keys found should be immediately returned to Facilities, which is located at 600 Gregory Street (directly across from University High School tennis courts).

How can I replace a bent/broken/worn key?

Broken/bent keys will be replaced at no charge. The defective key must be returned to Facilities before a new key will be issued.

Can I duplicate a key?

Duplication of keys is strictly prohibited.

Can I loan my key to another person?

Loaning keys is prohibited. Keys must remain in possession of the key holder.

How do I return my keys?

All keys must be returned when a person retires, resigns, transfers departments (space), or terminates employment. Obsolete keys must be returned to Facilities. Keys must be returned to Facilities by the key holder. A receipt will be issued for all keys turned in. Key holders are not relieved of responsibility until they receive this receipt.