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Estimating, Planning and Construction Requests


Planning, Design and Construction Services

Illinois State University is a public university governed by the rules and regulations of the State of Illinois. Consultants are selected through Illinois State University’s Quality Based Selection Process. Contractors are hired in accordance with State of Illinois procurement procedures. Prospective consultants and contractors should review and understand the minimum requirements and necessary certifications and disclosures required to work in the State of Illinois. For more information, prospective consultants and contractors should contact Illinois State University’s office of Facilities Planning and Construction to arrange a meeting, become familiar with the campus and gain a better understanding of ISU’s needs, requirements and expectations.

Quality Based Selection Process

Illinois State University uses a Quality Based Selection Process in accordance with the State of Illinois (Public Act 87-673). This process will be used for selecting and engaging the services of professional planning, design and construction consultants, architects, engineers, and land surveyors.

Quality Based Selection project solicitations are publicly advertised on the Illinois Public Higher Education Procurement Bulletin web site. The Quality Based Selection advertisement defines a scope of work for services and specific requirements for submitting qualifications. Selection will be based upon the professional qualifications of the consultant to provide services as defined in the advertisement. Qualifications are determined by the content of the submission and potential interviews. Fees will be negotiated after selection of the consultant. This process is applicable for CDB projects that have been legislatively appropriated to the University. For CDB projects, Illinois State University will manage the Quality Based Selection process and the CDB will approve the selection and contract with the consultant.

Building Information Modeling Illinois State University

All questions regarding Illinois State University Building Information Modeling standards should be sent to Facilities Planning and Construction at

13.11.01 BIM Project Execution and Standards Guide V.1

13.11.01 BIM V.1 Tables